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    For Eligible Businesses Only. Businesses must be earning minimum $500,000 net income.

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    Grit Ventures Scale Up Program.

    Our proven three phase program is completed and repeated several times during the scale up process.

    Phase 1
    Legal and Accounting

    Grit Ventures perform a comprehensive legal and accounting status review.  Scaling your business requires setting up the right structure, policies and frameworks. 

    Phase 2
    Operations and Finance

    Once the house is built, it is time to organize the team. Grit Ventures team will evaluate your operational structure and financial condition. The goal is developing a framework to scale delivery of your product or service. The goal is also assessing your financial health. GV helps obtain necessary investment or debt capital. 

    Phase 3
    Sales & Marketing

    Once the operational and financial capacity are assessed. The final stage is filling the sales pipeline. This requires a forward thinking approach grounded in reality. Our goal is hyper growth.

    Global Partnerships to Help you Scale Up.

    Starting a startup is easy. Building one is difficult. Scaling one is an entirely different beast. The entrepreneurs we work with have braved the odds and built the best businesses in their industry. Now its time to scale and dominate.

    Access to over $5 Billion in Investment Capital

    We work with our startups to ensure necessary funding is available to scale growth and dominate their industry.

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    Grit Ventures Scale Up Programs.
    Everything you Need to Scale.

    • Legal Review

      Scale requires the right legal structure, intellectual property and defensive strategy.

    • Accounting Review

      Accounting policies and procedures are integral for scale. Invoice better and reduce taxes.

    • Financial Review

      Businesses have to use financial data to guide ongoing decisions and constantly evolve their financial strategy.

    • Operational Review

      Scaling requires evolving operational processes including fulfillment of your product or service.

    • Marketing & Sales

      The gas that runs the entire engine. As the size of the machine grows, you need to constantly evolve your marketing and sales processes.

    • Digital Review

      An integral part of scale. Going digital helps you scale and connect every aspect of your business.

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    Some businesses do not require the complete Scale Up program. Sometimes scaling requires support in a few core areas.
    • Department Assessment
    • Department Scale Up Plan Development
    • Department Scale Up Plan Execution
    Sales & Marketing

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    Prices Starting at just $350/month.