Startup Programs For Every Type of Entrepreneur

No Business Idea? No Problem.

Whether you have an idea or simply the desire to start a business, we have solutions for every type of entrepreneur.

Start, Grow or Scale Your Existing Business

Grit Ventures programs are designed to help entrepreneurs start new businesses, grow their startup or dominate their industry. Whatever your goals, Grit Ventures is the go-to startup resource for hundreds of entrepreneurs every year.

Startup Programs

Perfect for: Early-Stage or Mid-Stage Startups

Grit Ventures Incubator Program

This is our comprehensive incubator program. Program services including management, legal, and executive training. Services are tailored for early stage and mid-stage startups. Early stage companies receive the necessary support to build the foundation of a successful business including management training and strategy development. Mid-stage startups focus on sales pipeline development, acquisition of capital and the creation of a startup machine that is scalable, predictable and repeatable. 

Perfect For: Entrepreneurs Without an Idea

Guided Innovation Program

This program is designed for entrepreneurs looking for support in developing the next big idea, assessing product-market fit and evaluating the opportunity. The program focuses on understanding key tools for innovation and mapping industry processes to apply those tools effectively in solving complex problems.

Perfect For: Early-Stage Startups

Starter Grit Program

Our comprehensive early-stage program covering business fundamentals. The program focuses on key areas including product-market fit, accounting, HR & culture, risk avoidance, social media, governance and legal.

Perfect For: Early-Stage Startups

Starter Grit Advanced Program

In addition to services in the Starter Grit Program, this program includes the Starter Grit Capital program as well as a 5-day bootcamp focused on customer validation, business fundamentals and refining your pitch.

Perfect For: Mid-Stage Startups

Raw Impact Bootcamp

A six-month structured program to help prepare startups for early customers and build a scalable business strategy for fast growth.

Perfect For: Mid & Late-Stage Startups

Complete Grit Program

Six months of executive coaching and tailored programming. We work with startups to accelerate sales growth and establish a consistent revenue stream. Startups will refine their value proposition, develop a solid roadmap and build sales and marketing processes that are repeatable, scalable and align with their vision.

Perfect For: All Startups

Corporate Partnership Program

This program connects startups with the perfect corporate partnerships. Startups receive introductions and a 5 day seminar on corporate partnership.

Perfect For: Early-Stage Startups

Legal Foundations

This program provides early-stage startups with a legal foundation. The program includes a 2 day seminar covering legal fundamentals including employment law, corporate law, contract law and more.

Perfect For: All Startups

Advanced Legal Issues

This program provides advanced legal advisory and support. Advisory includes corporate, contract, intellectual property and international business law.  The program includes a 4 day workshop covering advanced legal issues for startups.

Perfect For: All Startups

Grit Hacking Program

This is our R&D program. The comprehensive program covers a wide range of services.  Whether the startup is looking to expand, pivot or develop its intellectual property; we guide them to the next stage. This program includes a 4 day workshop and access to reduced-cost developers and computer programmers through our R&D partners.

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July 16, 2021

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