Investment Advisory and Capital Programs For Every Type of Startup

Whether you are raising $100 thousand or $50 million. We have the support you need.

Grit Ventures programs are carefully designed to provide the specific support required by startups at their particular stage. Whether you just need help preparing your deck, pitch coaching, and investor introductions or if you need support drafting offering documents or launching your initial coin offering, Grit Ventures can help.

Perfect For: Early-Stage Startups

Flexible Early Financing Support

Custom-tailored support for early-stage entrepreneurs seeking investment capital, grants, or other financing. Services include:

  • Pitch coaching
  • Pitch deck development and review
  • Government funding advisory
  • Investor introductions
  • Legal advisory
Perfect For: Mid & Late-Stage Startups raising over $5 million

Flexible Growth Capital Support

Custom solutions for mid-sized companies seeking capital from VC firms, angel investors, initial coin offerings, or other sources. Services include:

  • Private Placement Advisory
  • Drafting and review of Private Placement Memorandum
  • Investor introductions and investment document review
  • Support throughout Initial Coin Offering
  • Legal Support through our partner Treadstone Law
Perfect For: Early-Stage Startups

Starter Grit Capital

Pitch consulting, seminars, content development & review, government funding support, and investor introductions are all part of the starter Grit Capital Program. This program is designed for early-stage startups looking for capital.

Perfect For: Mid-Stage Startups

Raw Impact Capital

Our Raw Impact Capital program includes pitch consulting, seminars, content development & review, and investor introductions. You also receive support for government funding and tax programs including SR&ED. The program is tailored for mid-sized companies and includes support from merchant-banking and investment-banking professionals.

Perfect For: Late-Stage Startups

Complete Grit Capital

This program connects startups with the perfect corporate partnerships. Startups receive introductions and a 5 day seminar on corporate partnership.

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July 16, 2021

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