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For some people, a startup program may sound too complicated. Maybe you only need support in one specific area of your business. Or you need to incorporate your company or acquire intellectual property. Our experienced legal and management professionals will provide you the support you need to start or grow your business. 

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Receive support from our experienced professionals.

Join the hundreds of startups and entrepreneurs who have received the support of Grit Ventures management, technology and legal professionals. Our team brings a wealth of knowledge to help your startup succeed.

Not sure what sort of help you need?

No Problem.

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Every startup is different. Every entrepreneur is unique. We craft our services towards the specific needs of each business. Some startups can’t afford the high fees charged by partners – we have amazingly talented advisors for every budget.

Innovation is about collaboration, education, and perspiration.

Grit Ventures provides experienced professionals to educate your team and guide you towards success. We provide the opportunity and the platform to collaborate with other startups and multinational corporate partners. Unfortunately, according to our rules and regulations, we cannot provide you with perspiration. You will be required to produce your own.